Video: Incredible 1,350PS Czinger 21C makes Goodwood debut

22nd June 2022
Seán Ward

We’ve wanted to see this for real, moving at speed, for more than two years. This is the Czinger 21C, a turbo V8 hybrid hypercar from California with 1,350PS (993kW), and it’s absolutely wild.

Inspired by the Lockhead Martin SR71 Blackbird, the fastest jet aircraft ever made capable of 2,100mph, the Czinger 21C is the brainchild of Kevin Czinger, an entrepreneur for a passion for cars and some expert knowledge in 3D printing. Normally that wouldn’t be a talking point, but the 21C’s aluminium and magnesium componentry – the chassis, suspension, exhaust, door hinges and more – has all been 3D printed with AI deciding where material needs to go, not a human.

The result, thanks to the extensive use of carbon-fibre, is a machine that weighs 1,250kg dry. Combine that with Czinger’s own 2.88-litre, flat-plane crank, twin-turbocharged V8 that can rev to 11,000rpm and one electric motor on each front wheel, and the result is a car that’ll hit 62mph in 1.9 seconds and go on, in theory, to a top speed of 281mph. Bonkers, right? Almost more bonkers is that the driver sits ahead of the passenger for the ultimate fast jet experience.

Watch it as it blasts up the Hill for the very first time at the 2022 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard.

You'll be able to catch the new Czinger 21C and so much more in action at the 2022 Festival of Speed by clicking here for our live stream!

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