Video: Can you pick the best livery from FOS 2021?

23rd June 2022
Ben Miles

It doesn’t matter how good a racing car objectively looks or how successful it was in its period, if you stick a rubbish livery on it, people won’t love it. But, when livery designers do get it right, it can turn a mediocre machine into something we all dream of in the hazy summer sunshine.

The Goodwood Hill is absolutely littered with racing cars year after year, meaning we can guarantee most of the best liveries ever created will be somewhere on site.

Which means we can put together a video featuring some of our very favourites.They range from the obvious: an orange and white McLaren, a Lancia bearing the colours of Martini, BMW M’s three stripes, to the less well trodden, like HKS or Mercedes excellent black livery of 2020 and 2021.

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