What's on at Goodwood

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3rd April 2019

Business Networking

4th April 2019

April Members' Gathering

6th – 7th April 2019

Members' Meeting

The historic motor sport season kicks off with...

Dawn Gracie-004.jpg
6th April 2019

Dawn Gracie Vintage at The Kennels

Junior Golf Camps credit Steve Stringer RESIZED.jpg
8th – 18th April 2019

Golf - Easter Camps

Make friends. Learn new skills. Have fun!

Easter Chocolate Masterclass.jpg
11th April 2019

Easter Chocolate Masterclass

Golf At Goodwood Academy Open Day 2017 credit Angus Peel.jpg
13th April 2019

Academy Open Day

17th April 2019

Step into the Valdoe

19th April 2019

Easter Egg hunt

21st April 2019

Easter Sunday

22nd April 2019

Easter Monday

The Best of English Wine with The Bolney Estate.jpg
23rd April 2019

The Best of English Wine with The Bolney Estate

Quiz Night.jpg
30th April 2019

Quiz Night