Goodwood is extraordinary in every sense. It provides a unique platform for bold and ambitious brands.

Goodwood is extraordinary in every sense. It provides a unique platform for bold and ambitious brands.

The scale, the quality and prestige aren't contrived. There are no 'smoke and mirrors' at Goodwood. This is the real thing.

Becoming a sponsor at Goodwood is an emotive, exciting experience for all involved. We've established a spectrum of opportunities, ranging from the iconic central feature through to more targeted associations.

We understand that all commercial investments need to be assessed, taking into consideration clear, empirical evidence. As a result, we take great care in providing our sponsors with comprehensive, hard data in order to present both an initial business case and subsequently robust analyses, and accurately measure performance.

In recent years we've significantly increased the reach and value of our audiences. We've also developed a wider and more varied range of digital channels and established comprehensive reports highlighting insights about customer behaviours and attitudes.   

Event and Estate Partners can enjoy a package of extraordinary benefits*. Key selling points include:

  • Prestigious venues and illustrious sporting events with established, international reputations. 

  • Extensive Reach with audiences of tens of millions via broadcast,  print and online media.

  • Unrivalled Association with sporting champions, luxury brands and pioneers of industry. 

  • Hands-on Experiences with over 650,000 enthusiasts who attend Goodwood events each year.

  • Integrated Digital Channels including live streaming, on-demand video, website branding and social media. 

  • Unforgettable Hospitality so you can show your appreciation to clients, staff and suppliers.

  • Networking Opportunities to meet with prospective customers in a relaxed, informal environment.

  • Direct Communications to over 500,000 opted-in Goodwood Subscribers and Club Members.

  • Content Marketing through the licensed use of event video coverage, features, articles and photography.

Each sponsor is assigned a member of the Goodwood Client Services team, which provides a dedicated planning and execution resource. Comprising seasoned professional and extensive experience across media, events and hospitality, the Client Services team will work closely with your sales and marketing teams.  

In the first intance, please contact us for an informal chat. We'll be delighted to help.



*Subject to contract. Each sponsorship partnership is tailored to specific client needs. 

This year’s Festival will see the wildest, fastest, craziest, baddest cars and bikes ever to ascend the Goodwood Hill.
Lord March

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Nothing is 'standard' about sponsorship at Goodwood. Branding and activation opportunities are tailored to individual partners. Please call us to discuss your ideas and ambitions.

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