Video: Smith & Sniff's guide to the 2023 Cartier Lawn

15th July 2023
Goodwood Road & Racing

For the last couple of years we've had Smith & Sniff, also known as Johnny Smith and Richard Porter, walk us around various parts of the Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. It's no different in 2023, with the dynamic guiding us through some of the stunning machines on the Cartier Style et Luxe Lawn. 

We've already brought you a written guide to the Cartier Lawn, but there's no harm covering a few of the cars once again, especially with the soothing tones of Smith & Sniff.

There are eight classes on the Lawn this year, namely '100 Years of Cyclecars - The Birth of Affordable Motoring', 'Derby Days - Bespoke Bentleys of the 1930s', 'Outstanding in its Field - Land Rover's Serial Success Story', 'Style and Substance - Custom Low-Riders', 'Anything but the 911 – 75 Years of Stuttgart’s Other Icons', 'Wheels of Fortune – Grand Tourers of the 1950s', 'The Road to Le Mans – GT1 Homologation Specials' and 'Enzo’s Ferraris – The Commendatore’s Cars'. Suffice to say there are some insane cars parked up for our viewing pleasure.

The low-riders are absolutely wild, as seeing cars like this in the metal in the UK is somewhat rare, while the cyclecars are just such curious little creations. The GT1 monsters are the ones that really catch our eye, though – it's not every day you get a class where every single car is capable of doing more than 200mph...

But enough talking from us. Watch and enjoy as our esteemed colleagues pull out random facts and figures that you would fully expect no one to know, and yet, somehow, they do. 

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