Video: The ten best onboards from Festival of Speed 2021

16th June 2022
Simon Ostler

The Festival of Speed Hill is well known for its tight and twisty nature, with the likes of Molecomb corner and the Flint Wall providing their own specific challenges for those who are brave enough to tackle the course at speed.

It’s a rare moment when there isn’t something spectacular happening at the Festival of Speed, but sometimes things hit a whole new level and send of all our jaws plummeting to the floor. Whether it’s Mario Andretti getting reunited with his Lotus 79, or Travis Pastrana absolutely sending it in his Subaru WRX STI, we’ve witnessed some truly memorable moments over the years.

To add another level of awe to these occasions, we just so happen to have some of the best onboard footage of Festival Hill runs you will ever see, including Travis throwing us a thumbs up as he’s slamming through the gears during his Timed Shootout run.

Strap in a take breath, because some of these efforts will have your heart racing as though you too are sat in the car.

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