AUG 28th 2015

Video: Andrew Jordan very sideways in a Lotus Cortina

‘One big power slide!’ was Andrew Jordan‘s response when GRR asked him how testing had gone on Wednesday. You see, most of the time Goodwood is a sunny haven of West Sussex however, when it rains it can get so bad that Poseidon himself would shy away from taking to the track …

Sebring Sprite Revival

The BTCC star and his father (and former BTCC star) Mike Jordan were in attendance with their freshly-built Lotus Cortina in advance of this year’s St Mary’s Trophy races and were not to be put off by the inclement conditions. Mind you, having served up such stellar entertainment in their Austin A40 last year and only just missing out on the top honours to Justin Law and Anthony Reid in a Mk1 Jaguar, they seemed determined to get their car going as quickly as possible.

Last year of course saw the St Mary’s Trophy run for Fifties saloons whereas this year we alternate back to Sixties cars, hence the Cortina. To say that their on-track antics at a time when sections of the circuit were quite literally underwater were entertaining is an understatement. But please don’t take our word for it. Hit the play button and count the seconds over one lap that young Mr Jordan has the car on opposite lock versus the amount of time he has all four wheels pointing in a straight line! 

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