Video: Wild 80-year-old Alfa Romeo slices through the pack

08th May 2020
Seán Ward

Julian Majzub is a very brave chap indeed. Why? Well not only does he race pre-war machines on a regular basis but, even when the track is greasy, he still drives absolutely flat-out. And we really mean flat-out.

Evidence of this can be found by looking back at the 2011 Revival's Goodwood Trophy. Damp conditions and a very fast, very powerful and very rear-wheel-drive Alfa Romeo 308c shouldn’t mix well at all, and yet Majzub slices his way through the pack with more opposite lock than most of us will see in our entire lives. Even in a straight line he’s going sideways.

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Video: Wild 80-year-old Alfa Romeo slices through the pack

08th May 2020


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