A new Goodwood Revival

23rd April 2021

Welcome to a new Goodwood Revival. There'll be a new layout, new areas, new celebrations, but the same Revival spirit and jolly good racing!


The Goodwood Revival is the world’s greatest historic motor race meeting, and the only sporting event of its kind to be staged entirely in a period theme. More than just an unrivalled weekend of historic racing, it is a whimsical step back in time; an immersive celebration of a less disposable world, where “make do and mend” was a way of life rather than a casual slogan.

Just like each year, more surprises will be in store, so keep an eye open for our announcements later this summer. For now, take a look at the new layout and new areas below...


Madgwick Corner

Arguably the trickiest corner of the circuit to get right is the first one – Madgwick Corner – which is why we’ve introduced a new track viewing area within the perimeter of the circuit. This will only be a short distance away from the Assembly Area, where you can now grab a bite to eat and soak up the Revival atmosphere with family and friends.

Crossing the track has just got much easier too with the introduction of a brand-new bridge at Madgwick Corner. Careful consideration of the bridge location has been made to ensure the superb views of the cars racing from the Startline remain.


Lavant Infield - RAF Westhampnett 

The Lavant Infield will be bigger and better this year with the introduction of high street shopping, places to refuel for lunch and an opportunity to admire the stunning selection of 60s GT cars racing in the Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy, our most expensive race of the whole event.

This area will be themed as RAF Westhampnett and celebrate the history of the airfield prior to the introduction of the Motor Circuit with our victory parade military vehicles also based here to explore.

Track viewing is plentiful along the Lavant Straight, however, new outdoor seating areas with big screen viewing and a new grandstand are all now available at Lavant Infield.


Festival of Britain at Gate 2

Join us at the Revival this year and help recreate the scenes of jubilation seen in the summer of 1951 as we celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Festival of Britain. The festival focused on Britain’s achievements and was a spectacular cultural event to raise the spirits of a country still in the grasp of austerity and rationing, and undergoing severe economic reform.

From the moment you step in to the event at Gate 2, you’ll be transported back to the summer of 1951. Start planning your 50s outfits!


Make-Do and Mend 

The Revival is, at its heart, a celebration of craftsmanship and sustainability, from an age when possessions were made to last and be cherished. It promotes a thoroughly modern ethos – to “reduce, reuse, repair, restore and recycle” – in the most authentic way possible.

Behind the Woodcote Corner will be home to our brand-new Make-Do and Mend area which is where we’ll showcase a host of restoration projects and, more importantly, how you can apply some of these methods in modern day life.

The Hurricane Lawn is where you’ll be immersed in all things food produce. Here is where we’ll be talking about food wastage and home growing. We’ve even built an allotment and started growing vegetables already, in time for September.


Victory Parade

After you’ve admired the vast array of military vehicles on display at Lavant Infield, make sure you grab a good spot by the track on Sunday to observe our spectacular Victory Parade.

The 75th commemoration of the 1946 London Victory Parade will take place on Sunday only. Remember to wave to the drivers and riders as they pass and witness a Revival first — a full marching column leading the vehicles to the Startline!


Drivers' Club

A central feature of the Revival is the Drivers’ Club. This year, the Drivers’ Club will be moving alongside the Earls Court Motor Show, and for the very first time, will be on full display to the public.

We’d love to share more details about the theme and how you’ll be able to get involved but we don’t want to give away too many surprises…

Tempted to join us this year? Tickets for the Goodwood Revival are now limited and can be booked via the link below or by calling our friendly Ticket Office on 01243 755055.


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