Video: Andrew Jordan pulls off incredible save in an Austin A40

01st August 2022
Ethan Jupp

We love a little vs. large battle here at GRR and the Goodwood Revival happens to deliver those in spades. Whether it’s in sportscars or saloon cars, there’s always a plucky little scrapper holding momentum around corners to overtake as the big lumbering beasts wait to get the power down on the straights. Just such a fight can be seen here, as Andrew Jordan battles Tiff Needell.

AJ makes an outstanding lunge against Tiff for position, around the inside on the entry to St Mary’s. The line was just too tight for the little Austin A40 to abide, however, so before the position was locked in, he was speering off on the grass in an epic off-road drift. Thankfully, because he’s AJ, he holds what was a spectacular slide with a pinned throttle and armfuls of lock, gets back on track and retakes his position from Tiff, who could do nothing but watch him buzz past again from the comfort of his monster MKVII Jag. Just over a month to go before we do it all again.

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Video: Andrew Jordan pulls off incredible save in an Austin A40

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