Video: Epic six-car battle at Goodwood Members’ Meeting

05th April 2024
Simon Ostler

We’re well and truly on the hype train now. The 81st Goodwood Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport is just around the corner, and we can’t wait to soak in the atmosphere, and plenty of track action just like this.

The Gordon Spice Trophy is always a showpiece event for historic motorsport. The action between cars and drivers is second to none in Group 1 touring cars that are more than a little keen for a bit of bumper-to-bumper dicing.

Here we see the epitome of that, as six drivers battle it out for track position in a high-intensity battle as the sun sets over the Goodwood Motor Circuit. A Ford Escort RS2000 leads two Mini 1275 GTs, a Mini Clubman Estate, a Fiesta and a Triumph Dolomite Sprint as they fly through Fordwater two abreast. They remain in close formation all the way through St. Mary’s, carrying incredible speed before funnelling through the left-hander single file. It doesn’t take long for the chaos to begin again as the first of the Minis sends one up the inside into Lavant.

The greater power of the Fords allows them to pull away down the Lavant Straight, but the Minis close right back up as they head into the braking zone at Woodcote. Then Rupert Deeth in his Mini comes flying around the outside of Madgwick and attempts an audacious move into St. Mary’s as this group of cars remains absolutely inseparable.

It’s breathtaking stuff, and we can’t wait to see the cars of the Gordon Spice Trophy take to the Motor Circuit once again in just a week’s time.

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