JUL 26th 2014

Cars that rock Silverstone Classic: 1950 Chevy Stepside

Okay, okay, it’s not a car. Neither is it racing. In fact, it doesn’t even have a thumping V8 motor despite its American origin, but if a car that rocks is measured by the amount of attention it gets then this Chevy truck is a superstar. People couldn’t walk past it in Silverstone’s International Paddock; they had to stop and admire …

It’s had a full suspension upgrade, with disc brakes all round and even power steering. Its owner beamed: ‘It’s still running the old Stovebolt six-cylinder for the time being, but we’re going to put that right soon with a Chevy V8 for towing purposes.’ The towing purposes in question are a C2 Corvette racer.

Sadly our man behind the lens, Dom Romney, didn’t get very long to shoot it before it was summoned away on towing duty. But we don’t care. It was just so cool.

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