OCT 21st 2015

Video: How to Drive a Porsche 962 around Daytona

It is the norm with these videos that we show some footage of a car we like being driven in a way that we like and at a venue that we like. This clip, however, is more than just that because the driver (Jim Pace, whose handiwork we’ve shared on a few occasions) is literally telling us how to drive the car in real time!


Here he pilots one of the evocative Leyton House Porsche 962Cs around the famous Florida circuit ahead of next month’s HSR Classic 24 Hours at Daytona. What’s more, GRR is going to be there in person to bring you the very best of the action. Sadly though, we doubt that we’ll be able to ride along for a lap in the 962. Then again, a polite question never offends …

The entry list includes names like our very own Jochen Mass, Bobby Rahal, Danny Sullivan, Jurgen Barth, Jean-Marc Gounon and Andy Wallace, as well as Mr Pace who won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1990. 

As for cars that will be there, just you wait. There will be six period-correct groups rotating through 24 hours of racing and we can safely say that all the bases have been covered. Here are just some examples of the groups and what to expect from each: 

Group A (1960 – 1972): Ford GT40, Lola T70, Ferrari 365GTB, Corvettes, Mustangs, Matra MS630 and such like.

Group B (1973 – 1982): Porsche 935, BMW CSL, Greenwood Corvettes, Porsche 911 RSRs, Chevrons …

Group C (1983 – 1993): Porsche 962, Jaguar XJR-5, Aston Martin AMR-1 …

Group D (1994 – 2002): GT Porsches, Corvettes, Vipers and even a TVR 400R from the UK as well as Riley & Scott MkIIIs and a Saleen S7R GT1.

Group E (2003 – 2012): The big one. This is where we’ll see ALMS and Le Mans prototype machinery like Audi R8s, Pescarolo 01 LMPs, Porsche RS Spyderas well as Ferrari 430s, Nissan GTRs, BMW Alpina B6 GT3s …  

Group F (HSR cars): Cars not eligible in period at Daytona get to play in this one. Machinery spanning six decades will compete, the eldest being a 1962 Lotus Super 7.

Jim Pace Daytona

The official Classic 24 website contains full details and entry lists. Even though the event is only in its second year, word has reached us already from drivers who’ve been that this is one to watch. GRR will be bringing you interviews, news and plenty of on-board footage as we attend our second historic race meeting Stateside, having been at the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion last year.

However, at Daytona we’re going to be treated to the magical spectacle of all the cars mentioned above screaming around the circuit’s legendary banking for a full 24 hours.

Stay tuned and in the meantime, enjoy the fury of the Porsche 962’s turbo’d flat six being conducted by the calm and collected Mr Pace as he shows (and tells) us how its done …

This is going to be epic …

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