MAR 26th 2015

Video: How to drive a Tyrrell 008 around Long Beach

The 1978 United States Grand Prix at Long Beach appears not to have gone down in the annals as one of the greats. However, while history probably won’t remember it alongside the likes of Germany ’57, Monaco ’84 and Great Britain 1987, as of today GRR will remember it for bestowing upon us all this rather wonderful footage from on-board Patrick Depailler’s Tyrrell-Ford .

Even though this clip is from a practice session, Monsiuer Depailler would appear to be attacking the infamous Long Beach course with some vigour and coming very close to the equally-infamous barriers as a result. Watch the clip, and, especially on lap two, see if you don’t find yourself wincing a tad as he turns in to some of the corners …


Despite appearing to circulate quite quickly, 12th place was all the Frenchman managed in qualifying. The race itself was a different story, with the number four Tyrrell winding up in third place, 29 seconds behind Carlos Retuemann’s victorious Ferrari.  

Despite the quality of film falling some way short of what we’re used to today, it does somehow make the footage extremely exciting to watch. Sunny day, screaming Ford Cosworth DFV, blind corners… What’s not to love about it?

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