Video: The brutal sound of a Formula Atlantic Chevron B39

16th January 2024
Simon Ostler

Formula Atlantic was one of those brilliant forms of motorsport that was gradually formed through the 1970s as an affordable entry into motorsport. In its early days, it ran as something of a competitor to Formula 3, with cars powered by production-based 1.6-litre twin-cam engines built by the likes of Alfa Romeo, Cosworth and Lotus.

After initially building traction in the UK, Formula Atlantic regulations were picked up in the US in 1974 and the series began to garner a larger reputation with television coverage and a growing list of famous drivers.

The likes of James Hunt, Riccardo Patrese, Patrick Depailler, Jaques Laffite and Didier Pironi were all involved in Formula Atlantic racing during the late 1970s, but this car being driven in this video was once piloted by 1982 F1 world champion Keke Rosberg.

While nothing like the F1 cars of the time in terms of power and performance, they certainly sound savage from inside the cockpit.

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Video: The brutal sound of a Formula Atlantic Chevron B39

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