Video: Dirt track racing at the Carolina Midget Showdown

04th July 2024
Rachel Roberts
Seeing as today is American Independence Day, it’s only fitting that we look to the States for our daily dose of motorsport madness. Specifically, to the state of North Carolina and the Millbridge Speedway, the site of the Carolina Midget Showdown.

Usually, you’d expect the grandstand to be packed with fans but this race took place in December 2020. As such, attendance was as you’d imagine, limited, to watch this 30-lap feature race which included NASCAR stars such as 2020 champion Chase Elliot and the driver we’re riding on board with, Kyle Larson. Millbridge Speedway is a dirt track, and lucky for us, Larson is a pro – he won everything there was to win on dirt in 2020.

These Midget cars may look fragile, but they certainly race hard. Barely 20 seconds pass before Larson hits the back of a fellow competitor and rolls over. After a quick check, we’re good to continue and it starts to feel rather dizzying watching the laps tick down. The Millbridge Speedway is an oval and so around and around we go, left turn after left turn. Most of the time is spent sideways as the car is balanced around the bends – these Midget cars look so light they could just topple over at any moment.

The race's closing stages offer no relief from the on-track battles. You can see the bodywork – pristine at the start of the race, beginning to peel off. Larson narrowly misses out on the win in the end but there’s no doubting the skill on show here. There’s so much we have America to thank for in the world of motorsport and dirt track racing is right up there.

Welcome to Goodwood Elevenses, a helping of motoring-related amusement to help break up your day. Watch the last video: Mighty Minis battle at Silverstone.

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