Video: Onboard a Gold Coast 500 qualifying lap of the gods

06th February 2024
Ethan Jupp

You’ve got to love the ‘do or die’ vibe of a Supercars top ten shootout, where the fastest qualifiers have to put in one more lap of the gods to secure their spot on the grid.

It’s a format that calls on the most basic instincts and innate skills of a driver. Full attack mode, full muscle memory: give it all you’ve got. And that’s what we see from eight-time race winner David Reynolds in his Ford Mustang at the Gold Coast 500.

Riding on board, we get multiple viewing angles of Reynolds’ astonishing Shootout lap. Inch perfect, right to the walls, right on the apexes, leaping the car on two wheels through switchbacks, the car had to have been millimetres away from contact or slipping out of contention. Such was the milimetric, telepathic precision with which Reynolds scythes his car through Surfer’s Paradise.

“That’s one of best laps that David Reynolds has ever put together” the commentator reads, as his 1:10.4 time is pinned down to secure the pole. “One of the best laps I’ve done in my life. There’s no way I can repeat that. Don’t ask me to do it again,” Reynolds exclaims after getting out of the car.

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