Electric 1,000PS Hispano Suiza Carmen hypercar to debut at FOS

15th June 2022
Ethan Jupp

The 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard will be hosting a coachbuilt EV supercar with a historic Spanish name in the supercar paddock. The Hispano Suiza Carmen will be taking to the Hill over the course of the weekend.


Packing 1,020PS (750kW), the Carmen should be an absolute rocket when it launches off the line at FOS 2022. These are runs which have been a long time coming, given the marque had planned for the car to make its FOS debut in 2020 before the pandemic brought the world to a halt.

The car has been developed by Hispano Suiza personnel with expertise from the world of motorsport, with technology derived directly from Formula E. Driving the car will be F1 veteran Luis Pérez-Sala will be driving the car on its Hill runs. He said: “It will be an honor [sic] to drive the Hispano Suiza Carmen in its debut at Goodwood. I am excited to participate for the first time in this truly special event”.

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  • carmen_list.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    The Hispano Suiza Carmen marks the return of a legend at FOS

  • hispano-suiza-carman-boulogne-festival-of-speed-2023-main.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Hispano Suiza returns to Festival of Speed with the 1,000PS Carmen Boulogne

  • hispano-suiza-carmen-sagrera-festival-of-speed-main.jpg

    Festival of Speed

    Video: Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera will make its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed

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