Electric Lotus Eletre SUV debuts at FOS

23rd June 2022
Ethan Jupp

The Lotus Eletre has had its in-person debut on the Lotus stand at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. This is the other side of the coin in Lotus’s grand return, as it eyes expansion into a sporting luxury brand on par with Porsche.


Up close, you can really appreciate the Lotus principle of porosity in the Eletre’s design, with air channels and guiding surfaces defining the aesthetic of the car. At the same time there is a distinctive design language in the light graphics and the glasshouse. The truth is, they’ve had a good go at a job you might imagine would be impossible: making a Lotus SUV.

If you’re still unsure about a two-tonne all-electric SUV built by Lotus, we can’t in good conscience say that we blame you. It’s difficult to think of a car that is quite so much the polar opposite of what has come before from a brand. But without cars like the Eletre, that will diversify the brand and make Lotus accessible to more people than ever, survival, let alone expansion, would be difficult. While this and more SUVs to come will make up the volume and fortify profit margins as a result, the sportscars will be as good as it’s possible for them to be, while fortifying the brand image. It worked for Porsche, why can’t it for Lotus?


The marque is insistent that it will also be paying the same attention to detail when it comes to delivering a lightweight and dynamic feel in the Eletre. Academic? Perhaps, but it’s nice to know they’re making the effort. On the inside, it’s jewel-like, with stunning materials, clean surfaces and impeccable build quality. If you miss the smell of glue, the panel gaps and the ‘80s hatchback touchpoints in bygone Lotuses, well, that’s your hill to die on. If the Eletre and its like mean a new Esprit can exist and be thoroughly excellent, we’re absolutely here for it. We strongly encourage you to go and check it out.

You'll be able to catch the new Lotus Eletre and much more in action at the 2022 Festival of Speed by clicking here for our live stream.

Photography by Toby Whales and Jordan Butters.

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    The Lotus Eletre R will have 905PS!

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    Lotus Eletre is an all-electric hyper-SUV

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