Supercars to see at the 2024 Festival of Speed

05th July 2024
Simon Ostler

It wouldn’t be the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard without a huge contingent of spectacular supercars lighting up the Hill throughout the weekend. This year promises to be no different, and the list of supercars you can expect to see in action is already beginning to look particularly tasty.

We've already confirmed that Aston Martin and Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Pagani will be bringing some incredibly special and rare machinery to showcase, and we'll continue adding more to this list in the coming days.

These supercars will of course be showcased alongside many of the world’s newest cars, which will be under the spotlight in the Festival of Speed’s First Glance presented by heycar.


Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale

The Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale made quite the impact when it was revealed in August 2023, and you’ll have a wonderful opportunity to see this stunning car in the metal when it makes its public debut on British soil at the 2024 Festival of Speed. It’ll be the first time it’s been seen outside of Italy!

We knew it was beautiful, but now the 33 Stradale has a CV to back that up after it won the Design Concept Award at the Concorso di Eleganza di Villa d’Este last month. Only 33 of these will ever be made, which means opportunities to see it in person will be few and far between.

It’ll be on display throughout the Festival of Speed near the Supercar Paddock, and thoroughly recommend you go a take a closer look.


Aston Martin Victor

The 2024 Festival of Speed will host several Aston Martin supercars, starting with the Aston Martin Victor. A one-off based on the One-77 and Vulcan, this monstrous machine paired an 840PS (618kW) version of the mad 7.3-litre V12 from Aston’s decade-old hyper GT with a manual transmission. It also wore a snub nose and harsh edges, as opposed to the voluptuous curves of the One-77, inspired by the muscular Vantages of the ’70s and ’80s. This decidedly analogue, old-school Aston was sort of the antithesis to the ultra-sophisticated Valkyrie. On its reveal it was so popular it actually inspired the creation of the Valour and its 110-car run and subsequently, the Valiant. It’ll be amazing to see them all together on the Hill.


Aston Martin Valiant

The Valiant is rare beast which is unlikely to be seen very often, the newly revealed supercar will be making its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed, with none other than two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso at the wheel.

We already adore that striking design, while its 745PS (547kW) 5.2-litre twin-turbo V12 engine is sure to reverberate around the entire Goodwood Estate when its flies up the Hill of Friday 12th July as part of the Supercar Run.


Aston Martin Valkyrie

Of course, it’ll also be amazing to see arguably the star supercar of the last three years at the Festival of Speed, the Valkyrie. We know the recipe by now: Adrian Newey road-going prototype design, a 6.5-litre 11,100rpm V12, enough titanium to make the Ministry of Defence suspicious. Yet your jaw will still hit the floor at the fourth time of seeing it scream up the Goodwood Hill.


Aston Martin Vantage  

What is almost completely new for 2024 is the Vantage, perhaps the most exciting Aston Martin production car in a decade. What has been totally reworked as a blood-curdling beast, the Vantage has impressed critics across the board with the focus and performance of a pseudo-supercar, but the elegance and appointment to match the best GTs. It’s not just the Aston to buy in 2024 but quite possibly the super sportscar to buy of 2024.  

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 05.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 06.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 07.jpg

Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione

Ferrari is bringing quite the contingent of supercars to the Festival of Speed this year. We’ve narrowed it down slightly in this list to talk about the road-going models, and we’ll start with this rather special one. The 288 GTO Evoluzione is an incredibly rare beast, a variation on the 288 GTO homologation specials of which only five were ever made before Ferrari’s Group B project was brought to an abrupt end in 1986.

With bodywork formed from Kevlar and fibreglass, it weighs just 940kg, and is powered by a 2.8-litre twin-turbo V8 producing around 650PS (478kW) to bring about a supposed 229mph top speed. It’s a truly astonishing car to look at, and you’ll be able to take a real close look when it’s on display at Goodwood.

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 03.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 04.jpg

Ferrari 296 GTS

The Ferrari 296 has established itself as one of the very best supercars ever made, firstly in GTB form, but now also as the convertible GTS, which opens up the electrifying driving experience to the elements.

It’s a plug-in hybrid, powered by a 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged V6 supplemented by an electric motor producing a combined 830PS (610kW). It looks great, sounds fantastic, and there’s never a bad time to watch a stunning Ferrari supercar make its way up the Festival of Speed Hill.

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 11.jpg

Ferrari 812 Competizione A

Another limited-edition model from Ferrari that will be making a rare appearance at the Festival of Speed, the 812 Competizione A is a targa-top variant of the 812 Superfast with the looks to match its exotic status.

With a 6.5-litre V12 that revs to 9,500rpm and delivers 830PS (610kW), the sound of the 812 Competizione Aperta is set to be truly breathtaking when it makes its dynamic debut as part of the Supercar Run.

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 01.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 02.jpg

Ferrari Daytona SP3

The Ferrari Daytona SP3 made its dynamic debut at the Festival of Speed in 2022, and now it returns to once again treat us to the sound of its V12 engine. With styling that harks back to Ferrari’s hugely successful sports prototypes of the late 1960s, the Daytona SP3 is a passion project for Ferrari.

It’s powered by an uprated version of the engine found in the 812 Superfast, here producing 840PS (618kW) and sending the car from 0-62mph in just 2.9 seconds. It’ll be in action on the Hill throughout the Festival of Speed, again as part of the Supercar Run.

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 12.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 13.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 14.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 15.jpg

Ferrari SF90 XX Spider

This is quite possibly the coolest car on the list of Ferraris coming to the 2024 Festival of Speed. Two of Ferrari’s most revered departments, ‘Special Version’ and ‘XX Programme’ combined to produce the first ever road-legal XX machine, the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider.

Derived from the SF90 Spider, this XX model ups the ante considerably in the performance stakes, with more power and extreme aerodynamics, and bespoke software to maximise the SF90’s potential. This is a car you will not want to miss when it takes to the Hill for its dynamic debut during the Festival of Speed.

Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 09.jpg
Supercars to see at Festival of Speed Ferrari 08.jpg

Ferrari SP-8

Or maybe this will be the coolest Ferrari at the 2024 Festival of Speed. A unique model built according to the precise specification of one very lucky Ferrari client who enlisted the help of the marque’s One-Off programme to design and build their dream car.

Based on the architecture of a Ferrari F8 Spider, the SP-8 makes the most of that car’s sublime 3.9-litre V8, but does away with the retractable roof for an exclusively open-top experience. It takes inspiration from other Ferrari models, too. The tail lights are derived from the Roma, while the five-spoke wheels are inspired by the classic rims found on the legendary F40.

Needless to say, you won’t get to see this car very often, so make the most of this opportunity to see a genuine unicorn when it takes to the Hill at the Festival of Speed.

Supercars to see at FOS Ford Mustang GTD 01.jpg

Ford Mustang GTD

An unshackled version of the Ford Mustang GT3 racing car that made its debut at the 2023 Festival of Speed, the Mustang GTD promises to be one of the most extreme cars of all on the Goodwood Hill in 2024.

Extreme and uncompromising, the GTD shares much of its muscular physique with the GT3, but underneath things get unhinged. The supercharged V8 produces 800PS (588kW), and is cooled by some enormous looking vents in the bonnet and wheel arches.

It also takes on Multimatic suspension that you can see from inside the cabin, which sounds like a brilliant design decision. There’s no doubt this car is going to look, and sound, absolutely brutal in action at the Festival of Speed.


Maserati MC20 Leggenda and Icona 

Maserati’s fantastic MC20 supercar has been with us for a few years now but beyond the MC part of its name and a few visual cues, not too many through lines have been drawn between it and the last mid-engined Maser, the legendary MC12. Well now, two limited editions celebrate the 20th anniversary of Maserati’s hypercar, with the MC20 Icona and Leggenda inspired by the MC12 Stradale and the Vitaphone endurance racer. They’ll get their debuts over the course of the 2024 Festival of Speed weekend.


Hispano Suiza Carmen Sagrera

Let’s raise the power stakes further still, with Hispano Suiza’s latest iteration of its electric hypercar. We’ve seen the Carmen and the Carmen Boulogne at the previous two runnings of the Festival of Speed, and now for year three we have the Carmen Sagrera, yet another 1,000PS version of this eye-catching machine.

In total, the Sagrera’s four electric motors deliver 1,114PS (820kW) and 1,160Nm (856lb ft) of torque which amount to a 0-62mph time of 2.6 seconds.

While the front end is recognisably a Carmen, it has been struck with a far more aggressive brush than the previous versions, while the headline addition is the new ‘stork wing’ jutting from the rear bodywork. You’ll certainly see this coming if you’re around the Festival of Speed this year.

Pagani-Huayra-Epitome_2-2_3-4_Anteriore_Portiera-guidatore-aperta (1).jpg

Pagani Huayra Epitome

The Pagani Huayra Epitome, unique for its manual gearbox and Ferrari F50-style rear wing, is set to make its public debut at the 2024 Festival of Speed. More elegant than other more extroverted Pagani specials we’ve seen before, the Epitome explores the polarising Huayra’s potential for classical beauty, even if it’s in all blue-tinted carbon-fibre. As always, a twin-turbo AMG V12 is present, as is an enormous seven-figure price tag. But the list is never short of individuals who will cut Mr. Pagani a blank cheque to have the next most-exclusive AMG-engined Modenese hypercar.


Pagani Utopia

The Pagani Utopia, the third of its line, succeeds the Huayra and the Zonda, merging the art-deco craftsmanship and bellowing turbocharged V12 of the Huayra with the more classical beauty and analogue approach of the Zonda. This is a car with a timeless look, that could be Da Vinci’s idea of a 1970s long-tailed sports racer. It’s back on the Hill this year at the Festival of Speed after its debut last year, alongside the screaming Huayra R. It’ll also be in a special livery curated by Horacio Pagani himself and the Duke of Richmond.

new porsche 911 hybrid copy.jpg

Porsche 911 GTS 2025

A momentous addition to the sprawling lineage of the Porsche 911 this year is the first road-going hybrid, in the form of the GTS. Of course, being a 911, this is a high-performance hybrid, with the electrical element effectively doing the work the second turbo used to. So outputs and performance are spectacular – 543PS (399kW), 0-62 in 3 seconds flat, and lag is about as diminished as its ever been in a turbocharged car. A brave new era for the 911, even if you can’t yet plug it in. See it on the Hill in the Supercar run.

porsche 911 st copy.jpg

Porsche 911 S/T 

There’s nothing brave or new about the 911 S/T. It’s everything we already knew we loved in a 911, distilled into its purest form yet. Take the hot-cam 4.0-litre GT3 RS engine, add a lightened flywheel, and a short-throw, short-ratio manual ’box. Chuck it in a chassis without any rear-steer and a suspension setup that’s had a year’s worth of hard labour put towards making it a tonic on the road. The result, predictably, is reported to be the ultimate driver’s 911. We of course refer to the S/T and yes, it’ll be screaming all the way to 9,000rpm on the way up the Hill in the Supercar run  

porsche taycan turbo copy.jpg

Porsche Taycan Turbo GT

By contrast, this won’t exactly scream but it’ll probably be quicker, even if it weighs over two tonnes. That’s because Porsche has given the Taycan the GT treatment with a splash of Weissach pack spice, which means mega power, track suspension geometry, a big wing, and no rear seats. Yup, it’s one of those four-door saloons. With folding over a 1,000PS (735kW), it’s an absolute monster that bends the laws of physics. Watch it bend its tyre sidewalls on the way up the Hill in the Supercar batch.


Red Bull RB17

Surely this is one of the most highly anticipated car launches of all time? Adrian Newey’s latest passion project, a track-focused hypercar drawn from scratch to deliver Formula 1 performance in a car that you can actually buy, albeit for around £5 million.

This will be a major moment on Friday at the Festival of Speed, as Red Bull finally uncovers the car for the first time during a special launch event as part of its 20th anniversary celebrations of Red Bull Racing.

We’re certain it’s going to look stunning, and powered as it is by a naturally-aspirated 15,000rpm V10 engine as part of a hybrid powertrain producing a total of 1,000PS (735kW), we can imagine the RB17 is going to sound absolutely incredible, too. It’ll be on static display at the Festival of Speed this year, but you do not want to miss a chance to see it in the metal.

Supercars to see at FOS Yangwang U9 01.jpg

Yangwang U9

BYD subsidiary Yangwang has been busy recently putting together some very interesting new cars. We have U8 preparing to surprise onlookers in First Glance, but the Yangwang U9 is sure to stun everyone when it takes to the Hill at the Festival of Speed.

It’s an electric hypercar with 1,300PS (956kW) and 1,680Nm (1,239lb ft) of torque, enough to send it from 0-62mph in 2.36 seconds. After the Rimac Nevera set a new record for electric cars on the Hill in 2023, could we see similarly breathtaking performance from the U9 in a few weeks’ time?

Yangwang has absolutely nailed the styling. It looks sleek yet aggressive, with a large rear wing no doubt producing a whole load of downforce to keep all of that ungodly power in check. We can’t wait to see it in action.

zenvos aurora supercars list copy.jpg

Zenvo Aurora

Zenvo will be bringing two versions of its new Aurora supercar to make their public European debuts at the 2024 Festival of Speed. The lightest and most powerful Zenvo to date, the Aurora’s bodywork is formed from carbon-fibre and powered by a 6.6-litre quad-turbo V12 hybrid powertrain developed by British company MAHLE Powertrain, producing upwards of 1,250PS (919kW).

Available in two flavours, Agil and Tur are both united by their simplicity and efficiency, with the overall goal of producing a ‘true drivers’ car’. The Agil has more of a track focus with enhanced downforce while the Tur majors on the elegance of a GT car, but both are uncompromising in their deliverance of hypercar performance.

zenvo tsr gt supercars list copy.jpg

Zenvo TSR-GT

Also in action from Zenvo is the TSR-GT, which will be making its own dynamic debut on the as part of the Supercar Run on the Goodwood Hill. Another extreme-performance hypercar developed from the basis of the TSR-S that we have previously seen at the Festival of Speed, it produces more than 1,360PS (1,000kW) from its 5.8-litre twin-supercharged V8.

With a potential top speed of 263mph, the TSR-GT packs a serious punch that has required an overhauled aerodynamic package, with new wheel covers and several drag-reducing enhancements to the carbon-fibre bodywork. This thing is going to look pretty spectacular at the Festival of Speed.

We'll update this list with new announcements as they happen in the build up to the 2024 Festival of Speed. Stay tuned to find out which supercars you'll be able to see at Goodwood.

The 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed takes place from the 11th-14th July, and you can watch every moment of the action on our live stream right here on GRR!

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