Video: Wrestling a mighty V8 Cheetah up the Goodwood Hill

13th January 2022
Ethan Jupp

Brains of pure bravery and nethers of steel are what we imagine is required the hustle a Bill Thomas Cheetah up the Hill in the manner seen in this onboard video from the Goodwood Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard. Happily, Duncan Pittaway, the man who for the rest of the time at Goodwood is breathing in belches of flame while driving his Fiat S76, is thusly equipped.

The shrink-wrapped alloy bodywork encases the driver, the monster Chevrolet V8 and very little else, in what is a warped-looking little sports racer. There’s nothing little about the performance of the so-called ‘Cobra Killer’, though, nor about the commitment required to get the best out of it. Duncan is working the monster V8 hard, as the Cheetah bites back in the fight for traction. What an absolutely thrilling ride.

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Video: Wrestling a mighty V8 Cheetah up the Goodwood Hill

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