SEP 11th 2014

Revival excitement rises... and it's not even open yet. Take a sneak peek tour with us

The Revival gates don’t open until 7.30am tomorrow… but to walk around the site today you’d (almost) be forgiven for thinking it was up and running right now. The view from our office window is already set-dressed and features Jaguar D-types, Maserati 250Fs, countless other racers, historic transporters and almost everything else we enjoy about Revival. Perhaps we should have sold tickets for today – it really is that good.

A stroll out onto the airfield reveals lots of planes already in place for the Freddie March Spirit of Aviation display, the paddocks are abuzz with busy mechanics making preparations and noise, and the period style facades are in place. There’s even freedom to walk down the starting grid (although it’s full of lorries right now, not racing cars).

In fact, only two things detract from the ambience today: those vans and trucks you have to dodge as they carefully pick their way through expensive metal, and the lack of fancy dress. Take a look through the gallery above… the excitement is building already.

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