SEP 13th 2015

Video: St Mary's Trophy Part 2 race highlights

After Tom Kristensen’s remarkable run from the back of the grid to the front in the first part of the St Mary’s Trophy for saloon cars from the ’60s, all eyes were on his team mate Henry Mann to see whether the Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt could repeat its dominant run.

In the early stages of the race, it didn’t have things all its own way. The Ford Cortinas of Mike Jordan and Matt Neal gave it a run for its money, but the Thunderbolt’s big power soon came into play and Mann drove away from the pack.

You may wonder why there are a few pro names in St Mary’s Part 2, which is for the ams. It’s because Neal and Jordan both co-own their cars with other pros (Gordon Shedden and Andy Jordan respectively), so they were gentlemen for the purposes of this meeting.

Highlights are above, and you can see Part 1 highlights, including that Kristensen drive, in this video.

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