Video: 2022 Gerry Marshall Trophy short highlights | 79th Members’ Meeting

09th April 2022
Adam Wilkins

A packed grid of saloon cars got the four-wheeled racing off to a dramatic start at the 79th Members’ Meeting presented by Audrain Motorsport. The two-driver race features many professional drivers from the worlds of BTCC and GT racing, which guarantees close and exciting racing.

Whats more, it’s far from a level playing field given the wide variety of machinery on the grid. The biggest split comes via the Atlantic Ocean. Relatively small, light and agile European cars include Minis, Ford Escorts and Capris and even a Volkswagen Scirocco. Where they make time under braking and in the corners, the big American bruisers – including Ford Mustangs and Chevrolet Cameros – make the time back on the straights.

Watch the very best action from the first of two races in this short highlights reel.

If you want to watch the 79th Members’ Meeting, you can watch Saturday in full here on GRR and across our social channels. To watch on Sunday you’ll need to be a Member or Fellow of the GRRC.

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Video: 2022 Gerry Marshall Trophy short highlights | 79th Members’ Meeting

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