JAN 15th 2016

Video: Aircraft‑Engined 74MM Stars Terrorise Quiet Town

There will be a number of Goodwood firsts at the 74th Members’ Meeting, on March 19-20. For starters there will be Group 5 sportscars, Ground Effect F1 cars and Super Tourers, all of which will be appearing on track for the first time in a series of high speed demonstrations. If that wasn’t enough, there will also be a race for two-stroke Grand Prix bikes. And, last but by no means least, a race dedicated to early Edwardian cars.

74MM Bonhams

Named after Selwyn Francis Edge, the pioneering Australian-born racer who won the 1902 Gordon Bennett Cup, the S.F. Edge Trophy will see a field of 30 early leviathans doing battle around Goodwood’s hallowed tarmac. Despite an average age of 102 years, these cars still have a surplus of power over grip, and little or no braking, so will provide a thrilling spectacle! Their drivers bring new meaning to the word ‘intrepid’…

Remarkably, these flame-spitting, tyre-shredding beasts are also road legal. So, to get in the mood for the race, we gathered four of them in the sleepy Cotswold village of Bourton-on-the-Water, to see them in action, talk to their owners, and startle the unsuspecting locals!

If that whets your appetite, tickets for the 74th Members’ Meeting are available now.

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Photography by Tom Shaxson

S.F. Edge Trophy Comes To the Cotswolds

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