APR 01st 2015

Video: On‑Board for the fastest‑ever recorded lap at Goodwood

During the 73rd Members’ Meeting Nick Padmore, driving a Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder set a new record lap time of 1:18.2 in the Bruce McLaren Trophy race


The subject of the lap record at Goodwood does cause confusion from time to time. It is generally considered that the lap record set before the circuit closed in 1966 is the official one, and that was set jointly by Jim Clark and Jackie Stewart in 1965 at 1:20.4. To date, any records set since the circuit’s re-opening in 1998 have been known as ‘Revival records’, although those who christened them as such clearly didn’t forsee the advent of the modern Members’ Meetings. So, what to call the ‘Revival’ record now that it’s been set at the Members’ Meeting? We can’t think of a snappy title, so if you have any ideas please let us know.

The previous record stood at 1:18.9 and was set by Andrew Smith in another Lola-Chevrolet T70 Spyder during the Whitsun Trophy race at the 2010 Revival. So, at seven-tenths under that we’d opine that Mr Padmore was well-and-truly on it. Even more impressive is the fact that, prior to the Members’ Meeting, the drivers’ sole experience of the T70 was 10 laps at Donington Park …and even then he wasn’t supposed to be driving it there.

So without further ado, fasten your proverbial seat belts and enjoy the fastest ever recorded lap of Goodwood. Oh and the noise made by the Chevy V8 won’t exactly offend the ears, either!

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