MAR 19th 2016

Video: Wild Battling GT40s Get Into a Spin

You’ve brought your beautiful GT40 all the way to Goodwood, passed scrutineering and are ready to get qualifying underway, the last thing you want is to find the fastest guy on the track desperate to get by you just a few minutes into the session.

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That is the fate that befell the Farley/Ferrao pairing as their #16 GT40 entered the second part of St Mary’s. On cold tyres it’s no surprise that the driver was taken by surprise when Christian Gläsel, already looking to set a time, made his way past in the ex-Alan Mann Racing lightweight GT40 he is sharing with IndyCar legend Kenny Bräck.

Gläsel, needing to keep his quick lap going, squeezed through the smallest of gaps, startling his rival who, perhaps slightly shaken, proceeded to perform an elegent pirouette onto the grass.

Thankfully neither car was harmed by the incident and the Gläsel car ended up qualifying on pole for this evening’s race, which you can watch in full on our live stream right here…

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