JUN 06th 2014

Firing on ...TWO! Mazda RX‑7

One from the 72nd Members’ Meeting this time, and the screaming ex-TWR Mazda RX-7.

Since the RX-7’s rotary engine doesn’t make use of anything as antiquated as a piston, we’ve counted the number of rotors it uses, hence ‘Firing on … Two!’

Some controversy still surrounds the car and its competitiveness in touring car racing, with some claiming that it had a power-to-weight advantage over the conventional piston-engined cars. This is possible, although of course it would have been countered by the fact that rotary engines offer little in the way of engine braking, which will have presented a new set of problems for pilots back in the day.

Either way, we love it. Oh, and it’s loud!

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