AUG 09th 2014

Gallery: GRR at the Nürburgring Oldtimer GP

You can sense the aura of the Nürburgring long before you arrive at the gates. Once we switched off the boring but efficient motorways that had brought us from Calais, the roads turn into the kind you can actually enjoy driving on, and you know that you are closing in on one of the most celebrated stretches of Tarmac in the world.

And this is a special weekend to be here. Driving through Adenau, one of the villages that nestles within the Nordschleife, yesterday evening there was still a buzz in the air from the first day of the 2014 Oldtimer GP. The atmosphere was helped along in no small part by the variety of classic and sports cars casually parked on roadside outside bars and cafes. The action that had taken place on both the GP circuit and the Nordschleife itself during the day had been coloured, in true Nürburgring style, by incredibly mixed weather.

Where the historic F1 cars basked in glorious sunshine, the Historic Marathon cars had a torturously wet race on the full circuit. Just look at the concentration on Kenny Brack’s face at the wheel of the red Cobra in the gallery. As we’ve seen before, he’s not a man put off by some rain!

We’ve soaked up the atmosphere (and the rain!) in this gallery. There’s still another two days packed with historic racing to come, and we’ll bring you our pick of the cars and race galleries.

Photography: Jochen Van Cauwenberge at Frozenspeed

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