MAR 12th 2015

Video: How to drive a legendary E‑Type Jaguar around Goodwood, with Rob Huff!

How many cars can you name which are known and usually referred to by their registration number? GEN 11 is known as the registration mark for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for example, but the car isn’t referred to as GEN 11… No, the most famous car which is referred to by enthusiasts almost exclusively by its registration mark is surely CUT 7.



Confusingly CUT 7 appears on at least two cars (the mark having been used on three racing E-Types), but the lightweight example you see here is the only one racing today and will be driven by former Touring Car World Champion Rob Huff at the 73rd Members’ Meeting next weekend.

We could continue our little history lesson on this very famous car, but with accompanying footage like this there seems little point. So with that we’ll leave you in the capable hands of Mr Huff, who will now show you exactly how to get an E-Type around Goodwood very, very quickly …   

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