MAR 10th 2015

Video: How To Drive A Low‑Drag E‑Type Jaguar

Only a couple of weeks ago we featured a Low-Drag E-Type as one of our Goodwood Greats series. The car in question was 49 FXN – arguably the most famous and most significant of all the Low-Drags. The machine you see here was built by Valley Motorsport in North Wales to be an exact replica of 49 FXN.



It may be a replica, but that won’t stop the car racing at the 73rd Members Meeting. So when we spotted it ready to go on track during testing we quickly nailed a camera in there alongside experienced racer Alastair McCaig for a few laps. The video should give you just an impression of what it’s like to drive one of these incredible cars around our fast little corner of West Sussex.

To our eyes and ears the car seems perhaps a tad short-geared as it is, but on a day where we’ve shared such a glorious-sounding Lamborghini V12, now you can also get an earful of one of the most sonorous straight-sixes!

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