APR 03rd 2015

Firing On... EIGHT! Ex‑Surtees Lola T70

This pretty Lola T70 started life in 1965 and was originally raced by none other than the supremely talented John Surtees. When Surtees invested in a MK2 T70, he continued to race this as a second car on his team, driven by the ‘up and coming’ Jackie Stewart. Stewart regularly finished high up the order but arguably his most notable result was a 3rd in the Guards Trophy. Both Surtees and Stewart have since signed the tub of the car.


Following a crash at the hands of Mario Andretti the car was shipped to Japan where it stayed for a number of years. In 2003 it was returned to British soil along with a number of the original parts which had been removed after different restorations. In January of this year, American Grant Reid purchased the car and entrusted it to the care of the excellent Jade Motorsport team.

Grant saw the car for the very first time in the metal at the recent 73rd Members’ Meeting where it finished a highly respectable 4th in the Bruce McLaren Trophy, driven by Jade Motorsport’s affable frontman Tony Sinclair – who gives the throttle pedal a good workout in our ‘Firing On’ video

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