MAY 15th 2015

Video: Firing On... EIGHT! Aston Martin DBS V8

David Beatty photographed this Aston Martin DBS racing in the hands of Gerry Marshall in the early nineties and fell in love with it. So when he found out through a friend that the car was up for sale earlier this year, he had to buy it.

Aston Martin DBS auction promo

Based on a 1972 Aston Martin DBS V8, its 5.3-litre engine sits beneath a deeply scooped bonnet designed to generate downforce. And it was clearly an effective design; according to, Gerry Marshall piloted the car to 12 wins in the Aston Martin Owners Club Intermarque series between ’94 and ’98.

David was only having his second real drive of the car when he brought it to Goodwood for a shake down and said ‘I haven’t quite explored its limits yet. I’m not sure if I intend to either!’ However, he did suggest that it was surprisingly nimble for a machine of such scale and said that he felt the handling was very balanced.’

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