AUG 04th 2015

Video: Flaming at the Spa Classic

It seems like a lifetime ago now that GRR packed its bags and headed off to the Spa Classic, in fact it was just a couple of months back. If you thought we’d forgotten about our Belgian adventure then fear not, we still have plenty of videos to share with you from that fantastic weekend.

Spa classic flaming copy - full coverage promo

To ease you back in to non-Goodwood based videos we though we would share this very short, but nonetheless exciting, clip.

In it our young photographer Tom Shaxson headed down to the famous La Source hairpin to take in some of the practice action, what he didn’t expect was the incredible display of fireworks that BMW and Porsche put on.

There’s not much more to say about it, other than to let you know that we will be sharing some of the brilliant on board action collected at the Spa Classic over the coming weeks, and it’s all flaming good.

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