JAN 14th 2016

Video: Ground‑Effect Gloriousness at Brands Hatch

We’re all sweating in anticipation of the daily ground-effect Formula 1 car demonstrations at the 74th Members’ Meeting here at the Motor Circuit on March 19-20 and this superb home-movie footage from 1982 will probably go a long way to explaining why.

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Filmed during the pre-event test day and the British Grand Prix meeting itself at Brands Hatch in ’82, it provides a stunning visual and aural recollection of the period, when cars all looked and sounded so different.

Amateur cameraman and devoted F1 fan Barry Price has captured a vast number of driver/car combinations from his various vantage points around the majestic sweeps of the Kent venue, including the exit of the Surtees, Stirlings, Hawthorn and Paddock Hill bends, as well as from a rare spot: on the bridge crossing the plunge down Pilgrim’s Drop and up Hawthorn Hill towards Hawthorn bend.

Tyrrell Ground Effect Brands hatch gif

We reckon we can clearly spot – and hear – the following combinations, but let us know if we’ve missed anyone!

Chico Serra – Fittipaldi F8D-Cosworth DFV V8

Jean-Pierre Jarier – Osella FA1C-Cosworth DFV V8

Marc Surer – Arrows A4-Cosworth DFV V8

John Watson – McLaren MP4/1B-Cosworth DFV V8

Jacques Laffite – Ligier JS19-Matra V12

Rene Arnoux – Renault RE30B V6 Turbo

Elio de Angelis – Lotus 91-Cosworth DFV V8

Brian Henton – Tyrrell 011-Cosworth DFV V8

Patrick Tambay – Ferrari 126C2 V6 Turbo

Niki Lauda – McLaren MP4/1B-Cosworth DFV V8

Nelson Piquet – Brabham BT50-BMW 4cyl Turbo

Derek Warwick – Toleman TG181C-Hart 4cyl Turbo

Eliseo Salazar – ATS D5-Cosworth DFV V8

Jochen Mass – March 821-Cosworth DFV V8

Jan Lammers – Theodore TY02-Cosworth DFV V8

Keke Rosberg – Williams FW08-Cosworth DFV V8

Happy days!

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