MAY 12th 2014

Cars that rock the GRRC Spring Sprint: Jaguar XJ12 Broadspeed

You’d move over if you saw this in your mirror, wouldn’t you? Paul Pochiol’s evocation of the Broadspeed Jaguar XJ12 has all the brooding menace of the original, and looked the part set amongst other 1970s saloon racers in the paddock. The car started life in Belgium to give racecar demonstration experiences. When it came back to the UK, it was sent to specialist Mike Wilkinson who developed it into the Broadspeed style race car.

IMG_9158 copy

The XJ already knows its way around Goodwood having been engaged in wheel-to-wheel battle in the Gerry Marshall Trophy at 72MM back in March. “It’s a great place to come to,” says Paul who travelled from his home in Derbyshire to take part in the sprint. The XJ has also been raced as far afield as Portugal and Spain, making Goodwood seem like a local jaunt.

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