Video: Grass track go-kart is our new favourite thing

05th April 2022
Henry Biggs

We think we have found our next office outing. Which, in this case, has the added bonus of requiring a trip to New Zealand. It seems the New Zealanders have not wasted the country's long isolation in bemoaning what they might be missing out on, but have made the most of what their beautiful land offers. Which here means putting tiny all-terrain tyres onto standard go-karts, welding on some rudimentary rollover protection and hooning round a field.

This is apparently a fully organised sport with races counting towards the NZ National Grass Kart Championship. Top speed for the karts in this muddy battle barely top 40mph but the championship goes up to 450cc monsters. It looks like more than a scant few minutes would leave most people requiring a chiropractor but drifting sideways across a slick mixture of grass and mud looks too addictive not to give it a go. We've got a few fields here as it happens. Anyone got a go-kart we can borrow please?

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