Video: Czech truck trials look incredible

22nd December 2021
Henry Biggs

There is something about off-road challenges that bring out the gnarliest in both people and machines as this truck trial in Czechoslovakia (try saying that ten times fast) proves. These are slopes that we would struggle to tackle on foot – near vertical banks, sharp ridges and axle-deep water – even equipped with some of those bafflingly long ski poles that ramblers are so keen on.

However the competitors in this event seem to have taken full-sized Tatra lorries and converted them into mud monsters. There are extra axles, huge mud-capable tyres, air compressors galore, diesel engines with the grunt to tow 747s and rollcages made of pipes so big they could scaffold a skyscraper. Our favourite has to be the bright yellow eight-wheeler that simply romps around the course. This is not your typical gentlemanly trials contest, as evidenced by the cheers from the crowd when a truck ends up tipped onto its side. It is absurdly good fun watching these leviathans tackle impossible looking terrain. Can we have a go?

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