Video: Manned racing drones complete first race | FOS Future Lab

04th November 2021
Ethan Jupp

The world’s first ever electric flying drag race has taken place, in the deserts of South Australia. Airspeeder has been forging on with its plan to get flying car racing off the ground, with the latest pre-season testing yielding a landmark competition moment.

International competition is set to go ahead in 2022 but this was a first glimpse of what this new futuristic corner of motorsport will look like. Watching these extra-terrestrial-looking machines stir up the Australian dust, rise into the air and race is quite the sight. The Mk3 Speeders reached 62mph at a 10-metre height over a 400m distance.

Next year, they’ll have full virtual circuits to race around and eventually reach speeds of up to 186mph. Announcements are coming soon on the first selection of teams that will be racing and indeed, the locations where they’ll be competing, too.

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Video: Manned racing drones complete first race | FOS Future Lab

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