OCT 14th 2014

A Bonneville, a Black Shadow, Barry Sheene's old lid... and more!

We were taking a look at Bonhams’ Autumn Stafford Sale which is taking place this Saturday and what appeared to be a collection of bikes, memorabilia and associated kit turned out to be somewhat more …


Normally you’d expect an auction house to wheel-out some impressive lots in a bike auction, but the chaps from New Bond Street are in danger of out-doing themselves with this latest haul. A chunk of the sale is made-up of machines from the late Mole Benn’s collection, including a 1954 MV Agusta 125cc Bialbero, a brace of Monalberos, a 175cc Competizione and a Modello Sport. And that’s just some of the Italian stuff! Wait until bidders get to do battle for the ex-Benn Vincent Rapide project and of course the epoch-making 1959 Triumph Bonneville.


The list of historic road and competition bikes just keeps going and we highly advise any two-wheelists to click HERE to see the full list, but to pick out just a few more examples how about a Vincent Black Shadow to go with that Rapide, a Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo, a Seeley Honda, Laverda Jota, an ex-Steve Parrish Suzuki RG500 and more Ducatis, Laverdas, engines, frames, parts and books than we could possibly cover here. As you browse the list it seems like it’s not going to end. Seriously, take a look at it all.

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Incredibly though, there are some items also on sale which for some will beat all the bikes and that is an equally breathtaking array of ex-Barry Sheene memorabilia. Race leathers, race-worn helmets, gloves, boots, kit bags, GP trophies, club trophies, tankards, plaques, Nomex overalls from his truck racing days in the Eighties. It’s an astonishing selection and, as with the bikes I’d advise closer inspection. If you’re a fan of the late ex-world champion then it’s mandatory!


I seriously need to give my piggy bank  a good shake and get up to Stafford on the 19th …




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