OCT 10th 2014

Gannet custom motorcycles; from design fantasy to carbon‑clad reality?

When former Renault, Nissan and Infiniti designer Ulfert Janssen introduced some of his motorcycle designs earlier this year, the two-wheeled world took a collective sharp intake of breath.


The drawings of various Motor Guzzis, Ducatis, MV Agustas, BMWs and Triumphs were a blend of classic and contemporary design. In the case of the Guzzis the old V8 racer was the inspiration, whereas with the Ducatis the streetfighter and cafe racer looks combined to make a muscular ‘Cafe Fighter.’ Beautiful work, but at the time there were no plans to drag any of them in to reality, until now …

MV cafe carbonMV cafe carbon

‘I`m working on it,’ Ulfert tells us. ‘Some of the projects could become reality soon, especially the Guzzi. That would be very cool to build and right now I`m looking for some sponsors to put it on the street.’

Promising stuff, and it turns out that ‘Cafe Fighter’ Ducati may be at a more advanced stage than the Guzzi. ‘I`m in talks with couple of part builders to make a kit…but it’s too early to say anything definite about when it will be available. Negotiations to realise a project always go much slower than designing something!’Picture 304

So, you heard it here first. One would imagine that if/when the Ducati design becomes a reality that some of the others would soon follow suit.

As stunning as they all look, our choice would be either of the Guzzi racers. Way cool…

See more at www.gannetdesign.com


Guzzi Sprinter 2RsGuzzi Sprinter 2Rs

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