APR 17th 2015

Techno Classica Gallery: Three Porsches

Typical, isn’t it? You spend ages trying in vain to get some clear, uncrowded shots of cars at Europe’s biggest classic car show and then you find two opportunities right next to each other!

We were still buzzing at the sight of the three Bugattis when we only went and spotted three special Porsches as well. Unlike the Bugattis though, we’re going to start here with the most recent.


There’s not much really to say about the astonishing Porsche 918 that hasn’t been said. As one of the triumvirate of hybrid hypercars it could reasonably lay claim to being one of the most famous cars on the planet right now. Seeing this one up close almost tempts us into claiming that the 918 is the prettiest of the three. Of course what we really need to do is line all three up at Goodwood to draw a valuable conclusion. Here’s an idea: we could even take each for a wee spin, too! Couldn’t we? Might have to make three very important ‘phone calls when we get back to Blighty.


The spiritual predecessor to the 918 was of course the Carrera GT, and seeing it here brought back fond memories of the first time we heard its wailing V10. We think it looks so good that, parked on its own it could almost pass for a contemporary machine, and not one whose production ceased eight years ago. It was launched in 2004, which makes us feel a bit old, but not nearly as old as the next car did … 


Although Porsche is using Techno Classica to celebrate 30 years of the stunning 959, they did reveal to us that the early development of the car came a few years before when the infamous Group B race and rally regulations came in to play. The one you see here may be a tad challenging to behold for some, but to a certain sheikh from Qatar it was the result of a special collaboration with Porsche Exclusive to make just the car he wanted. Well, actually, this is one of the seven 959s he ordered!


One off colours were created especially for the sheikh called ‘Sahara Beige’, ‘Royal Blue’ and ‘Silk Green’ and each was incorporated into the 959’s buffalo hide interior. Also of note is the fact that apparently the sheikh’s seven special, 200mph Porsches were delivered without the Porsche crest. Although one appears to have been added to the bonnet at some point, the wheels still bear their unique markings on the centre caps.

The interior may have something of a ‘select’ appeal, but we actually quite like the colour. Anyone… ?

Photography: Tom Shaxson http://tomshaxson.com/

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