Aston Martin Callum Vanquish 25 revealed

22nd July 2020
Henry Biggs

Most car models receive a midlife refresh; a tweak here, some new colours and options to rekindle the buying public’s interest. The original Aston Martin Vanquish however is getting the facelift treatment more than a decade after it left production and by its designer: Ian Callum.


Obsession with detail and artistry made Callum one of Britain’s greatest car designers, responsible for an array of fast Fords – RS200, Escort Cosworth, Puma – the Aston Martin DB7, DB9 and Vanquish – and pretty much every Jaguar for the past 20 years.

It seems Callum wasn’t quite satisfied with the Vanquish however as he has collaborated with Swiss engineering firm R-Reforged to bring the big GT up to date for the 2020s. The end result of 20,000 development miles (a tough task we’re sure) the CALLUM Vanquish 25 has bespoke suspension alterations which cause it to sit 10mm lower and give it a 60mm wider track, matched with specific Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. Along with a lower seating position and thinner-rimmed steering wheel this is said to transform the handling and feedback of the car.

The V12 under the bonnet – in a carbon-fibre and leather dressed engine bay – has been reworked with a carbon intake system and stainless steel exhaust to not only produce more wonderful noise but also up the power to 588PS (432kW). The car is offered with a choice of manual, automatic and semi-automatic transmissions.


And having designed the car in the first place, Callum has now turned his attention to adding the sort of refinements possible now that technology and materials have moved on significantly. The exterior lines are tauter and sharper, adding even more presence to the big bruiser Aston Martin, helped by modern lighting.

Inside the revisions are even more extensive with a wide colour palette, new cabin architecture and beautiful Bridge of Weir leather everywhere. A removable pocket watch from Bremont tops the dash and Mulberry has provided the fitted luggage.

Referring to the car as coachbuilt, R-Reforged recommends it as the perfect car in which to drive for pleasure now that lockdown has eased. We couldn’t agree more.

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