VW updates ID.3 for 2023

09th March 2023
Bob Murray

What do owners not like about their ID.3, VW’s compact electric pioneer that, incredibly, is coming up to its third year on sale? Chances are they will say the same things: that the software’s naff, the touch screen menu is convoluted and a Dacia Duster has better plastic panels in the cabin. Time for an ID.3 refresh then. 


This is it, ID.3 MkII, on sale in coming months and featuring fixes for all those things owners say they don’t much care for. “Customer feedback systematically implemented”, asserts VW.

As the pictures show, a mild exterior facelift has made it a bit smilier but it’s mostly under the bonnet and inside where improvements lurk. Chiefly they are new software and softer feeling materials, changes VW believes will make the ID.3 easier to live with and with more of a premium vibe.

The proof will be in the driving, but the upgrade to VW’s latest generation of software promises to be the most welcome upgrade. The new operating system should be easier and faster as well as being able to receive over-the-air updates, something it couldn’t do before. 


It also offers a reconfigured menu structure on the now standard 12-inch touchscreen. The charging page now comes up first rather than being hidden in the depths. Driver assist functions are also said to be easier to find (and turn off…).

VW reckons the whole charging business will be easier. The new ID.3 comes with a system that automatically authenticates the car as soon as you plug in, and also with clever route planning navi. This tells you when and where to pull over for a top-up based on your planned journey and the charging capacity of individual stations – cleverly avoiding those chargers it knows are already occupied. Should save some angst.

For the cabin, think new foam-backed plastic for a squishy instead of scratchy feeling. VW says interior materials have been “been significantly upgraded”. It’s all animal-free and sustainable of course, with recycled microfibre material for the seats and door trims.


Mechanically the ID.3 is the same as before but some changes outside have given it a fresh look. Thank a new front bumper section for that, along with a ditching of the black panel under the windscreen that makes the bonnet look longer. Not big changes then but overall it is a bit less weird and more friendly looking than before.

Prices should stay the same (they currently start at £39,425) and if you already haven ID.3 on order then it’s likely it will be this new model you will be getting. 

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