JUN 19th 2000

Video: Volvo V60 Polestar track jaunt brings back fond BTCC memories...

Once upon a time, Volvo estates meant bearded geography teachers and elbow patches. They stood for solid dependability and no performance whatsoever.

Then in 1994 something extraordinary happened. That was the season where Alfa Romeo turned up with a cunningly-homologated, aerodynamically-superior 155 and steamrollered the competition. However, mention the 1994 BTCC season to a touring car fan and they’re just as likely to remember it as the season where Volvo turned up with an estate car!

The bold move to run with the estate version of the 850 that season did much to change the image of Volvo, and ever since then a hot version of Volvo’s current load-lugger has been something keen drivers take an interest in. Yup, racing really does improve the breed.

And so we come to Volvo’s latest high-performance estate, the V60 Polestar. One ‘keen driver’ taking an interest when the Polestar turned up at Goodwood Motor Circuit the other day was GRR’s favourite racing driver (We have to say that, or he won’t come out of his trailer on our next video shoot… Ed.) Anthony Reid.

In the late-nineties Volvo and Anthony had a very amusing (with hindsight!) interaction, which – thanks to our friends at Duke Marketing – we are delighted to be able to drag up in the name of entertainment at Anthony’s expense. And just to rub it in we let him have a go in the Polestar, which you can see in action for the first time at FoS.

Thanks to Duke Video for the BTCC footage. If you haven’t checked out their motorsport catalogue recently you’re missing out: www.dukevideo.com

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