JUL 28th 2015

0‑60mph in 1.7sec: Pat Doran tells GRR of his 900bhp Ford RS200

‘Every time I get in it, it tries to kill me,’ Pat Doran tells us when we caught up with the larger-than-life former British Rallycross Champion at FoS this year. Thankfully Pat emerged unscathed after his run up the Goodwood hill…


The car? What else but his famous RS200, ‘Rosie’, all 900bhp of it. Pat’s had it since the early 1990s so it’s part of the family now, despite recent misadventures: an off at Pike’s Peak and then an engine fire during a demo run last year at Lydden Hill, the circuit in Kent that Pat owns. He miraculously escaped both incidents unhurt. 

For a man who’s speared off the top of the ‘Devil’s Playground’ and sat inside an inferno of a Ford, Molecombe would surely not represent too much of a challenge.

‘It is a beast,’ he tells us in our interview, ‘but so far it’s behaving itself.’ With four-wheel drive and modern sequential ‘box it’s certainly fast: it has been timed at 0-60 in just 1.7sec. 

You can hear Pat – father of Liam, campaigner of the Citroën DS3 in the World Rallycross Championship – talk more about it, and see his Goodwood run, in our video…

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