JUN 01st 2015

Video: How to drive an RS200 Evo at Pikes Peak

The Group B rally video we shared in celebration of this year’s Festival of Speed theme – Flat-Out and Fearless: Racing on the Edge was good, but the GRR office wants more! A quick scan down the list of attendees at this year’s FoS reveals not only examples of all the most famous Group B cars, but also the infamous Monster-liveried Ford RS200 of Pat Doran.

Petty pikes peak promo

In fact FoS will showcase not only the menacing matt black Ford, but also the Peugeot 405 T16 GR ‘Pikes Peak’, Rod Millen’s Toyota Celica ‘Pikes Peak’ and the Peugeot 308 T16 ‘Pikes Peak’ as driven with such gusto by Sebastien Loeb at last year’s event. Sadly though we won’t be treated to the spectacle of the 308 attacking the hill this year because it will be a static exhibit, but the other Group B protagonists will be in action along with a host of other fine rally machinery in the Ultimate Rally Cars class. 

Back to Mr Doran’s Monster Energy RS200 though and a clip of him practising with the car on the lower section of the Pikes Peak course in 2012. The subject of horsepower closely follows Group B cars and the RS is no exception, but having been developed way beyond what the Group B regulations allowed it will come as no surprise to learn that the car was measured at 747 bhp. Oh and that’s net… not gross!

So buckle up and enjoy a driver’s eye view of a Group B animal attacking the lower section of the Pikes Peak course almost thirty years since it was conceived, and with a few hundred more horsepower than it was intended to handle. Magic.

What are the odds of this being one of the very fastest cars up the hill?  

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