JUN 17th 2015

Video: Fancy a ride in an Ultra4 at FoS?

What has 600+bhp, 43-inch tyres, four-wheel-drive, enormous suspension travel and will be available for passenger rides at the Festival of Speed? Answer: One of these magnificent beasties – the Ultra4! 

ultra4 Group B promo

The Activities field at FoS is shaping up to be very special. For starters there will be the aforementioned Ultra4s which FoS-goers will be able to take rides in through the burmed corners, rocky axle-twisting sections and, of course, a flat-out bit where the thundering Chevy V8s will be able to stretch their legs. Ultra4 drivers will be travelling to Goodwood from Britain, Europe and the US in order to give visitors a ride that would make the sensational Bowler Wildcat look tame by comparison. First come, first served …


Sharing the Activities Field with the Ultra4s will be a selection of British Cross Country Championship (above), All Wheel Drive Championship (below) and Dakar machines. In fact, Ronan Chabot and Gilles Pillot who won the two-wheel-drive class in the 2015 Dakar event will be present in their wild SMG Buggy (bottom image) alongside a variety of BCCC and AWDC vehicles, which make use of various high-powered engines from BMW, Jaguar and Chevrolet. 


As if this didn’t promise enough high-powered action, there will also be appearances by US superstars ‘Ballistic’ BJ Baldwin and Robby Gordon in a Trophy Truck and Stadium Truck respectively. 

We’d advise you to expect a pretty epic looking-and-sounding spectacle!


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