JUL 01st 2015

Video: BJ Baldwin's bucking truck at FoS

‘I intend on impressing everybody there,’ said BJ Baldwin of his visit to FoS when we flew out to see him in Nevada (full video, with interview and action, here). And impress he most certainly did in his quite insane Chevy Custom trophy truck.


If you’re not familiar with trophy truck racing, these are the salient points: The cars race on some of the world’s roughest terrain in Baja, with races lasting a minimum of five hours a pop. Some go on for 20 hours or more. They have NASCAR style engines, but bigger (486cu in), torquier (710lb ft) and fuel injected. Power is similar to a NASCAR at just over 800bhp, and the trucks can reach 145mph.

With such speeds and distances, they need to be strong, and have plenty of suspension movement. And it’s the latter that characterises BJ Bladwin’s run up the Goodwood hill. The amount of pitch and yaw is utterly remarkable and a real spectacle. Did he impress everyone at FoS? We reckon so.

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