Ferrari SP3 Daytona to make debut at Festival of Speed

21st June 2022
Ethan Jupp

With the 2022 Festival of Speed presented by Mastercard just days away, Ferrari has revealed what it’ll be bringing for some exercise up the Hill. It’s safe to say, the Maranello marque isn’t holding back on us. As part of its 75th-anniversary celebrations, we’re getting no less than five UK public dynamic debuts. Let’s get into them.


Firstly, Ferrari’s bread and butter, its latest mid-engined monster, the 296 GTB. Yes, this is the first V6-engined Ferrari but fear not for the sound. Ferrari engineers call that V6 the ‘little V12’. We’ll be the judges, with eight chances to hear this hybridised monster for ourselves over the course of the event.

Joining it will be the very V12-engined Ferrari 812 Competizione, which features the marque’s latest and most powerful 12-cylinder mill in what might be one of its last non-hybridised installations. Producing 830PS (610kW) and revving to 9,500rpm, it’s scarcely believable that this thing is allowed on the road.


Alongside the 812, we’ll also have the Daytona SP3 which will also features that screaming V12 engine and represents the first – and likely last ever – mid-engined non-hybrid V12 since the Enzo Ferrari of 2002. This Icona series model pays homage to the Daytona-dominating Ferrari prototypes of 1967, taking significant visual cues with a modern spin. It would look right at home on the banking even today, in spite of the retro-modern look. Beautiful, we reckon. 

Another special project, the one-off SP38, will be taking to the Hill for its dynamic debut too. Revealed all the way back in 2018, it’s a design homage to the F40 that sits on the platform of the 488 GTB. A stunning machine that, as above, is a unique example in the world. Also making a UK-exclusive dynamic debut is the SF90 Spider, the open-top hybrid hypercar with 1,000PS (735kW) hauling it along. Gone are the days four figures were the preserve of limited-run Bugattis. This is a car you can go to your local Ferrari dealer tomorrow and order.


Joining these spectacular debuts will be Ferrari’s excellent existing range of supercars, from the 812 Superfast, to the Roma and indeed, the Monza SP2. There will of course also be plenty of classic road and racing cars from Maranello around the event as part of those 75th anniversary celebrations. A 333SP V12-engined prototype will be running timed on the Hill, where it will be joined by a ‘Sharknose’ 156 F1 car, a 250LM, the first-ever Ferrari in the 125S and much more. We can’t wait – Forza Ferrari!

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    Festival of Speed

    840PS Ferrari SP3 Daytona resplendent at the Festival of Speed

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    You can build your own Lego Technic Ferrari Daytona SP3

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    Festival of Speed

    Video: 15 incredible car debuts from Festival of Speed 2022

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